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The Northern Perks

Start the morning right sipping complimentary Starbucks at Café du Nord, enjoy weekly catered lunches, and get involved in fun team events. Plus, receive exclusive perks from some of our business partners.

Build Ties to the Community

Help make a difference by supporting the cities where we live and work. Volunteer with NCares and give back to the community!

Without the help from Northern I never would have truly realized what I want to do for the rest of my life. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the past three months are irreplaceable.

Austin Carrier – Winter ’18

Interning at Northern Commerce was a wonderful opportunity and learning experience, especially as a fourth year student preparing for life after school. They helped provide me with a new set of skills that helped me get the job I have today!

Jessalyn Rafalovich – Fall ’16

Working at Northern provided me with the essential practical skills that were missing in my undergraduate degree. Following my graduation, this experience has made me a significantly stronger job candidate than I otherwise would have been with only a degree.

Ian Wood – Summer ’15

Northern was very helpful in giving me the type of work that I wanted experience in. They went out of their way to make sure I had projects that both taught me a lot, and allowed me to start building a portfolio.

John Finnigan – Winter ’17

The experience of coming in every day and working on real challenges across different clients was invaluable.

Julian Reiche, Winter ’14

My internship at Northern allowed me to gain real world experience and work on projects that were both exciting and challenging. It tested my skills in an environment that was encouraging and supportive.

Marika Tselonis, Spring ’17

From the start I was given relevant tasks to my position and was given more tasks and responsibilities as I learned to tackle them. Everyone at Northern is really talented, loyal and hardworking and they treat each other like family. It’s amazing that I can work in a challenging environment everyday where I genuinely love what I do and who I’m with.

Nicole Wiebe, Fall ’16

Northern showed me the light on all things digital. I couldn’t have asked for a better on-boarding experience from a vastly innovative company. Shout-out to catered lunches at Goodah Gastrotruck!

Alex Nisavic, Summer ’15

As an intern at Northern you get to engage in creative & meaningful work that helps educate you.

Ian McAlpine, Spring ’17

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