Toasting to Success with Magento

Andrew Peller Limited partnered with Northern Commerce for an ambitious Magento 2 implementation to create an innovative, user-friendly online booking and itinerary management system to improve their omnichannel customer experience.

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Andrew Peller and Northern Commerce collaborated to rebuild the event management system from the ground up to offer customers an improved reservation experience.

The Strategy

Northern Commerce leveraged Magento 2’s capabilities to create an easy-to-use framework called My Wine Country—creating a custom itinerary management system into their eCommerce experience. Magento 2 allowed Northern Commerce to custom-design an administrative dashboard to allow guest services to make specific updates to bookings—including VIP accommodations, digital guest check-ins, and automatically communicate reservation numbers to restaurants and tour guides. This greatly improved efficiencies in managing, communicating, and promoting events. Additionally, the shopping experience was revamped to a more intuitive solution for customers to book what they need and receive helpful post-purchase updates.

how we did it

Implemented the ability to create and manage package events which could be added to a customer’s itinerary.

Built a transparent system for the guest services team to see a customer’s itinerary and help with day planning and checkouts.

Designed an agile event management system, that includes automated updates to customers.

Integrated Givex capabilities to promote and maximize cross-selling between the multiple winery estates, online sales, and bookings.

The Results

113% increase in mobile reservation transactions
132% increase in mobile revenue
28% conversion rate increase
17% increase in total number of returning visitors

Custom Itinerary

“Partnering with Northern has been a great experience. The team’s knowledge of executing an effective digital advertising strategy has allowed us to grow our online presence and reach more customers than ever before. With Northern, we know the goals of our business and the needs of our customers are understood, and that the team has what it takes to meet them.”

Chris Caruk Peller Estates