The Brief

Northern developed a comprehensive strategy with ads that contributed to an impressive 9x increase in store revenue coupled with a 60% lower cost per sale, effectively helping Canada Pooch realize their goals.

The Client

A brand based in Toronto, ON, Canada Pooch offers functional and fashionable apparel for pets. The product line includes high-quality outerwear, wellies, and other accessories designed to keep pets comfortable and dry during any kind of weather. Each product is crafted to be the perfect fit for pets of all shapes and sizes and every item delivers unique styles and top-quality materials. Through their products, Canada Pooch seeks to inspire moments that bring pet owners and their four-legged companions together.

The Challenge

Functional apparel for pets is a new industry, and therefore the brand needed to create awareness and demand for their product. The brand wanted to reach new customers and increase conversions, all while keeping customer acquisition costs low. To achieve their goals, they partnered with the team at Northern Commerce to help them find new customers using Facebook as their main platform.

The Strategy

Our team developed a plan that could best help Canada Pooch achieve their goals and keep costs down. We used the Facebook pixel to target the potential customers who had the highest likelihood of buying Canada Pooch products and to help measure the sales attributed to this type of marketing.

Based on user behaviours and interests related to the Canada Pooch brand, we displayed the ads to custom and lookalike audiences which in turn allowed us to deliver ads to the target audience with the highest propensity to purchase.