What You Need to Know

  • Adobe Commerce software versions 2.4.0-2.4.3 are no longer supported as of November 28, 2022
  • The underlying PHP version (7.4) that powers these versions of Adobe Commerce is also past end of support
  • Adobe Commerce versions 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 are both powered by a version of PHP (8.1) that is supported through Q3 2024
  • Out-of-date software makes your website an easy target for bad actors to exploit vulnerabilities
  • Waiting longer to update software introduces additional complexity, risk and cost when you do move forward

What End of Support Means and Why It Matters

End of support means that software versions are no longer supported with bug fixes, security checks, or other updates. In some cases, the software will continue to function as intended but it will not be protected against new malware or other security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), malicious or arbitrary code execution, and security issues with checkout or payment processing.

Security risks aside, merchants using software that has reached the end of support will not get access to new features that are released to enhance customer experience and increase online revenue.

It’s important that merchants keep their software up-to-date to maintain security and optimal platform performance. Staying on top of updates also means that merchants can provide a best-in-class experience to customers by leveraging new features introduced by software vendors like Adobe.

I'm on an Unsupported Version of Adobe Commerce, What Now?

If your digital experience is being powered by Adobe Commerce version 2.4.0-2.4.3 (or even 2.3.x) you have options.

Apply Available Adobe Software Updates

The best option is to take advantage of the updates Adobe has already provided as part of your existing licensing contract. If you go this route, you won't need to pay additional software fees and can rely on the support of an agency partner like Northern to apply and test the updates on your Adobe Commerce instance.

At the very least this option will ensure your software, and the digital experience it powers, will be secure and performant.

If you're interested in using the update to introduce new ways of interacting with your customers, Northern can help with that too by ensuring the newest features (e.g. Sensei-Powered Live Search, Seller Assisted Shopping, BOPIS) are also installed and tested.

Pay Adobe for Extended Support Add-on

The second option is to engage Adobe for a contract add-on. This will require an investment of additional fees for Adobe support, but will help buy some time if just keeping the lights on is a viable option for the competitive landscape in which a merchant operates.

With this option, Adobe offers a paid extended support option for Adobe Commerce versions based on PHP 7.4 (customers on Adobe Commerce 2.3.7 or 2.4.0-2.4.3). This support includes both quality and security fixes for the core application and PHP 7.4 for up to one year.

Under extended support, security patches and hotfixes will only be made available for the latest security-only patch versions. These are as follows:

  • 2.3.7-p4
  • 2.4.0-p1
  • 2.4.1-p1
  • 2.4.2-p2
  • 2.4.3-p3

This means some merchants must do a light upgrade before being able to access/apply extended support security patches or hotfixes. For example, if a merchant is currently on 2.4.3-p1 they will need to upgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4.3-p3.

For merchants considering paid extended support, Northern can help ensure all implications are considered and facilitate the conversation with Adobe if it looks like a good fit.

What About Magento Open Source support?

Since 2.4.0, Magento Open Source has followed a similar version release schedule as Adobe Commerce. As such, if your digital experience is powered by a Magento Open Source version before 2.4.4, you should update your software as soon as possible. This is especially important and timely as Adobe is not offering merchants on Magento Open Source the option to pay for extended support noted above.

Other Considerations

Website Enhancement Plans

When merchants are considering significant software upgrades, a common question is whether other development and site enhancement initiatives (like adding features or updating the theme/design/UX/UI) need to be put on hold.

If a development project is already underway, it is typically best to wrap up that particular site change before upgrading the platform to a more current version. This decreases the likelihood of rework and allows for proper testing of the new code as part of the subsequent upgrade process.

For website plans in your development backlog and/or roadmap, it is recommended that you prioritize the upgrade first, as this will ensure you have a secure and stable codebase upon which to apply upcoming website enhancements.

Is Now the Time to Replatform?


Keeping up with the evolution of enterprise software often comes with ongoing technology investments for merchants that use it. While this evolution introduces real opportunities to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, for smaller and mid-sized businesses it may also mean making tough decisions about how to allocate funds between IT and marketing budgets.

If the investment required to maintain your enterprise software is outpacing the benefits to your bottom line, replatforming to leaner SMB-focused technology may be an option worth considering. Beyond the financial implications of a move like this, replatforming naturally comes with an opportunity to overhaul and refresh your brand's eCommerce experience/storefront.

How to Proceed From Here

As noted above, the best path forward is to prioritize your software update to ensure Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source is on a recent and supported version (2.4.4 or 2.4.5).

If you have an Adobe Commerce contract and you're not sure about upgrading from an unsupported version, Northern can help you figure out if paid extended support from Adobe makes sense as a temporary alternative.

Alternatively, if it seems like an enterprise eCommerce solution has outgrown your business and you're wondering if there are viable alternatives, Northern's team is available to help you assess the options.

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