How Northern delivers value for Public Service.

With over 15 years of experience partnering with Public Service organizations to lead change within their industries, and with hundreds of successful client projects in our roster, we bring a wealth of expertise that allows us to support your short or long-term projects and advance your digital journey. 

From building engaging websites and intuitive portals for students, citizens, donors, and patients, to driving engagement with our strategic marketing services, we we’ll complement your team’s capabilities with the tools and knowledge to maximize your engagement, efficiency, and performance.

Goal-Focused Strategy

Whether your project is big or small, we’ll formulate practical recommendations based on your unique requirements and our industry expertise.

Our team will work to deeply understand your goals, gathering key information to define your objectives and KPIs. We’ll use this data to create a prioritized digital roadmap, enabling alignment from internal stakeholders and maintaining transparency throughout the project. 

Customized Digital Solutions

We have demonstrated success leveraging the power of open-source platforms to deliver right-sized digital solutions that are secure and scalable for Public Service organizations.

Our team will tailor your design, functionality, and integrations to ensure they meet your internal and external needs. 

Data-Driven Recommendations

Our top priority is translating your organizational needs into impactful digital experiences.

We’ll bring together your data and business goals with insights from our UX diagnostics and research to formulate strategic recommendations and solutions that are right-sized for your business, project, or organizational needs. 

Empowering Content Management

No matter what size your team is, give them the freedom to access the tools they need to create, publish, and manage your website content — without losing control of your branding and messaging.

We’ll implement flexible tools and solutions that allow you to delegate content responsibilities and meet the demands of your organization, increasing go-to-market speed and efficiency.

Marketing Solutions that Drive Results

Maximize your desired results with a tailored digital marketing strategy. Whether you want to drive qualified leads from ad spend, increase email engagement, or boost site visits with SEO, we’ll help you reach the right people, with the right messages, at the right time.

Leverage our marketing solutions and advanced analytics to segment, personalize engagement, and drive profitable, conversion-ready traffic to your website to achieve your KPIs and stand out from the competition. 

Transparent Project Management

Beyond just understanding technical requirements, Northern’s approach ensures alignment from internal and external stakeholders, allowing for more collaborative technology decisions and well-planned projects.

We’ll prioritize gathering relevant inputs to understand your project requirements, for a transparent and inclusive process that fosters shared accountability and success. 

Public Service Case Studies

Screenshot of mobile device.
Higher Education
Canisius University, Drupal 9 Migration

Launching a new digital experience on Drupal 9, it was important for Canisius University to create a platform that stood out amongst its competitors with unparalleled user experience for its primary audience, prospective students.

Northern Implemented custom reporting and site tracking through Google Tag Manage and Analytics 4. As well as the new digital experience prioritizes search functionality, intuitive navigation, and mobile optimization.

Osage feature.
Osage Nation, Drupal Upgrade

Both a cultural hub and government information platform, the new Osage Nation digital experience educates newcomers and supports its cultural heritage. 

The website upgrade required a significant overhaul and inventory of existing modules, the content and navigation had to serve the needs of multiple external and internal audiences, and features complete adherence to accessibility standards, as well as local, state, federal, and Osage Nation codes with comparable functionality to the legacy site.

York Region.
York Region, Replatform to Drupal

Award-winning website design, York Region transitioned to the Drupal CMS, enabling thousands of content contributors to partake in essential information sharing. 

With 40 brand-managed components and extended Drupal training and co-development, this extensive project involved redesigning a sizable public-facing website while eliminating a lot of complexities between the website and portal by building them in parallels, with similar code bases, development strategies, and numerous shared components.