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Media Strategy & Planning

Paid Media Strategy & Planning

Our team will create and execute a well-informed media strategy reflective of past performance and desired results to develop an optimal channel and media mix.

  • Account Audits & Discoveries
  • KPI Benchmarking & Goal Setting
  • Budget Planning & Projections
  • Optimal Media Mix Planning

Ad Management & Optimization

Our digital advertising services drive profitable, conversion-ready traffic to your website so you can generate more revenue, boost your return on ad spend, and track the purchase metrics that matter for your bottom line. Our paid media services include:

Ad Management & Optimization
Pulp and Press Digital Ads

Performance Ad Creative & Testing

As a performance marketing agency, we understand that paid media services don't stand alone. We have a full in-house creative team that drives growth for your business through a performance creative methodology. Our iterative testing approach ensures that we produce performance campaigns that are highly impactful and drive results.

  • Creative & Brand Strategy
  • Photography & Videography
  • Performance Creative Development
  • Creative Iteration & Testing

Attribution, Data Analytics & Reporting

Our paid media management and analytics team works with a variety of tools and processes to measure incremental performance and spot key insights to inform our evolving strategy to deliver continued performance.

  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking
  • Media Mix Modelling
  • Cross Channel Attribution
  • Brand Lift Studies
  • LTV Analysis & Projections
Data Analytics & Reporting

Build Winning eCommerce Strategies for Seasonal Success

Leading eCommerce retailers are already planning and implementing strategies for this year's seasonal success. 

Find out how you can build a winning eCommerce strategy and achieve your goals all year long in our four-part eBook series.

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Paid Media Case Study

Canada Pooch Case Study
Canada Pooch Sniffs Up Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success

Northern developed a comprehensive paid media strategy that contributed to an impressive increase in-store revenue coupled with a lower cost per sale, effectively helping Canada Pooch realize conversion and revenue goals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2021.

  • 52% Increase In Shopify YoY revenue (November)
  • 4.29x Increase Return On Ad Spend for Google Ads
  • 4.54% Increase in Facebook ads revenue