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Klaviyo Email Marketing Services

Email Consulting

We offer audits of existing email and SMS programs to gauge the effectiveness of the current marketing strategy and processes. Our audits pinpoint areas of concern and immediate areas for improvement, suggest corrective actions, and uncover opportunities for optimization and growth.

Email Platform Migration

Our Klaviyo marketing experts are well-versed in managing platform migrations so your experience is as seamless as possible. We take care of everything from data migration and template optimization to technical setup, integrations, and dedicated sending infrastructure warming to ensure your emails land in the inbox (and not the spam folder).

Email & SMS Automation

We build automated email workflows designed to connect with your audience at every stage of the buying journey. Using customer history and purchase data, our workflows target pre- and post-purchase needs, including welcome messages and upsells, to increase sales and customer lifetime value.

Email Testing & Optimization

Our email strategies are tested, monitored, and backed by data. We are constantly optimizing email templates to be more accessible for users and devices, while also conducting A/B tests to gain insights to create even more impactful email performance.

Conversion-Focused Campaigns

There is no one-size-fits-all in email and SMS marketing. We work with your brand to plan strategic campaigns including promotions, targeted recipients, and send times. Our team ensures each email is created and launched on time so you reach your subscribers when
you need to.

Email List Building & Management

Our team builds and manages high-quality lists, ensuring your subscribers are clean, highly engaged, and compliant with applicable spam laws. We prevent high bounce, spam, and unsubscribe rates, using list management tactics that build trust with your subscribers as well as email providers.

Increase Sales and Loyalty With Expert Automation and Segmentation Strategies

Learn how in our Klaviyo eCommerce Marketing Automation Playbook.

Klaviyo Automation Playbook

Klaviyo Case Studies

pulp&press email view
Pulp & Press

Pulp & Press partnered with Northern to improve their email marketing program by delivering personalized, conversion-focused emails to resonate with subscribers at each point in their purchase journey. As a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner, Northern successfully developed and implemented a fresh email strategy that nurtured subscribers into paying customers.

  • 492% Increase in owned revenue
  • 255% Life in eCommerce revenue
  • 250% Email list growth
  • 123% Lift in email campaign conversions
gp bikes email view
GP Bikes

GP Bikes sought to increase email marketing performance by migrating to a more powerful eCommerce-focused ESP platform, growing their subscriber list, and delivering personalized experiences to their audience. As a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner, Northern successfully developed and implemented a powerful email marketing strategy that drove impressive results and paved the road for GP Bikes to advance its growth for years to come.

  • 865% Attributed revenue year over year
  • 185% Conversion rate year over year
  • 125% Email list growth year over year
national mattress email view
National Mattress

National Mattress partnered with Northern to meet the needs of their business goals by using email marketing to attract new leads, build an engaged subscriber list, and scale performance. As a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner, Northern crafted a holistic email marketing strategy that migrated the organization to a new email service provider (ESP) and leveraged a dedicated sending infrastructure warming process in addition to segmentation and automation to ensure that emails landed in the inbox (and not the spam folder).

  • 99.78% Email deliverability rate
  • 935% Increase in open rate
  • 391% List growth year over year
  • 33% Average open rate