Most brands are sitting on a mountain of data that is under informing their growth strategies. Earlier this month, Northern’s VP Strategy, Corey Dubeau spoke at the DTCX Virtual Summit conference to explain how to leverage the data you own by using simple tools and methods to uncover your customer lifetime value and generate more growth potential. By realigning your KPIs and looking beyond the first purchase, you will be better equipped to scale your brand and have a deeper understanding of which levers to pull to increase performance. 

What you will learn: 

  • What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and how to calculate it
  • Ad performance modelling & CLTV using low, mid, and high investment scenarios
  • LTV Cohort Analysis for monthly cashflow breakdowns
  • Customer life cycle management and CLTV-informed strategies for customer retention
  • Techniques to increase average order value, purchase frequency, and customer lifespan

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