Need to Know 

  • Northern’s fifth annual Digital Marketing Challenge for Fanshawe College marketing students is now underway
  • Guided by Northern experts, the challenge pairs students with local businesses in the London, Ontario area, as they go head-to-head to drive the most significant revenue impact with live digital campaigns of their own creation
  • The challenge is an excellent launchpad for future leaders, boosting the success of local businesses and fostering a more connected community in the process

What happens when aspiring marketers and seasoned marketing experts join forces with local London businesses, all against the backdrop of a spirited competition?

The answer is unfolding at Fanshawe College, as the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business kicks off the Northern Digital Marketing Challenge, a hands-on learning competition for students in the Business Administration - Marketing and Marketing Management programs. 

Our team will collaborate with Fanshawe’s future advertisers as they work out of their in-house digital agency, Village Creative located in the College's new Innovation Village. The teams will  plan, implement, and manage live digital marketing campaigns using Google, Facebook, and TikTok for 10 small businesses in London, Ontario. 

This is our fifth year partnering with Fanshawe to co-fund the competition, giving marketing students relevant experience solving real marketing challenges while driving results for local establishments. We take immense pride in the challenge’s ongoing positive influence, which resonates long after the winners are chosen.

"Year after year, the Northern Digital Marketing Challenge stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and supporting our community,” says Corey Dubeau, Northern’s SVP of Strategy. “Witnessing the remarkable campaigns crafted by Fanshawe students, and the tangible benefits they bring to local businesses has been nothing short of inspiring. As we evolve the challenge each year, we're not just shaping the future of digital marketing; we're building a stronger, more connected community."

Liz Gray, marketing professor at Fanshawe College and a facilitator of the challenge since its inception attests to the beneficial impact of the challenge.

"The success stories of businesses experiencing growth due to these campaigns are a clear indicator of the talent and dedication these students bring to the table. This initiative is more than just a competition; it's a launchpad for future marketing leaders and a catalyst for local business growth."

Upon the culmination of the two-month challenge, teams will present their campaigns and results to a panel of judges made up of Northern’s marketing experts, who will select the grand prize winner. Brooke Bondy, Northern’s Senior Director of Marketing Services, has been continually impressed by the campaigns Fanshawe marketing students have presented over the years and expects the caliber of this year’s work to continue exceeding expectations. 

"Having personally witnessed the transformation of Fanshawe students into skilled digital marketers, some even joining our team at Northern, I can attest to the power of hands-on learning. The success stories of businesses experiencing growth due to these campaigns are a clear indicator of the talent and dedication these students bring to the table.”

The 10 participating businesses are:

You can stay tuned for more updates about the challenge by following Village Creative’s social accounts.