Need to Know

  • The London Health Sciences Centre attracts a similar traffic volume to the big three Toronto hospitals.

  • Outdated, its website could no longer provide timely communication in emergent situations.

  • LHSC's new digital experience manages multichannel content, providing personalized experiences to its target audience.

The Client 

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is an acute care teaching hospital with several hospitals under its jurisdiction. Canada's fourth busiest hospital website - attracting almost as much traffic as the big three - SickKids, Sunnybrook, and University Health Network in Toronto.

The Challenge

The LHSC website was ten years old and ran on an unsupported platform. It couldn't provide timely communication in emergent situations and had fallen behind its other web-based channels (Intranet, Twitter, Facebook). It wanted to improve its culture and reputation and effectively reach its target audience. LHSC sought a solution to bring system stability and security, better editing capabilities, enhanced mobile experience, and proper protocol for patient privacy with HTTPS and AODA compliance standards. London Health Sciences Centre chose Drupal as the digital solution to achieve its goals and better align with its patient-first values. 

The Strategy

The first significant project included redesigning and relaunching its intranet. Its new digital experience drives web content and multichannel, personalized experiences with users, customers, and visitors. Applications based on the Drupal framework are secure, require no vendor lock-in, and can quickly adjust to new trends in technology.

LHSC's new digital experience has enhanced communications, reduced IT expenses, and eliminated redundancy enabling medical staff to redirect their time to engaging with patients rather than bearing the brunt of technology.