Need to Know

  • Northern implemented the Klaviyo email service provider to take advantage of its eCommerce-focused performance.
  • Northern helped National Mattress re-engage its subscribers with automated email workflows and enhanced segmentation.
  • National Mattress' subscriber base is growing, and its email open rates improved tremendously, beating industry benchmarks.


National Mattress partnered with Northern Commerce to meet its business goals, using email marketing to attract new leads, build an engaged subscriber list, and scale performance. Northern migrated the organization to the Klaviyo email service provider and leveraged a dedicated sending infrastructure warming process, segmentation, and automation to ensure that emails landed in the inbox (and not the spam folder). 


National Mattress hosts a large inventory for fast delivery and space for consumers to test products. On top of ample warehouse space, they offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, making National Mattress’s promise of a great night’s sleep a dream for consumers in the GTA and beyond.


National Mattress’s email marketing program had been stagnant for over two years, resulting in a list full of inactive subscribers, making email deliverability a challenge. The organization migrated from Mailchimp to Klaviyo to leverage Klaviyo’s automation and segmentation capabilities and send targeted messages at crucial points in the customer’s buying cycle. However, after a two-year email marketing hiatus, the first campaign yielded a 3.2% open rate, significantly below the industry average of over 23%—a red flag that something was not right.


It was clear that deliverability would be a critical challenge to overcome before leveraging other components of an email marketing strategy. The team at Northern adopted a holistic approach to identify key tactics to improve email performance metrics, boost deliverability rates, and increase open rates. Northern implemented a new sending infrastructure with a dedicated sending domain, strategically warmed the account with high-engagement flows, and leveraged segmentation features to establish an engaged audience. These actions led to an immediate increase in deliverability rate and helped establish National Mattress as a reputable sender. And open rates grew to above industry benchmarks.

How We Did It

  • Implemented a new dedicated sending domain that passed a DMARC policy to have greater control over the sending reputation.
  • Strategically warmed the sending infrastructure by launching high-engagement flows and sending small, highly targeted emails.
  • Cleaned the email list by suppressing inactive profiles to boost overall performance metrics.
  • Launched a lead generation campaign to build a list of qualified, engaged subscribers.