Need to Know

  • Pulp & Press needed scalable marketing solutions to meet the needs of its rapidly growing consumer base.
  • There was a disconnect between the brand’s current email efforts and messaging that resonated with subscribers.
  • Northern leveraged advanced features within Klaviyo to deliver highly personalized email campaigns and automated workflows.


Since 2014, Pulp & Press has been on a mission to make health convenient, accessible, and delicious for everyone. The brand offers raw cold-pressed juices, vegan probiotics, cold blended smoothies, superfood elixirs, and 1-7 day juice cleanses.


Pulp & Press partnered with Northern Commerce to improve its email marketing program by delivering personalized, conversion-focused emails that resonate with subscribers at each point in their purchase journey. As a Klaviyo Gold Master Partner, Northern successfully developed and implemented an email strategy that nurtured subscribers into paying customers.