Need to Know 

  • Rexall partnered with Northern to boost app installs and pharmacy profile creations for their BeWell loyalty app
  • Northern's strategy utilized machine learning and first-party data to drive app installs and retention
  • Results showed a 69% increase in application installs, a 256% increase in total conversions, and a 19% decrease in cost per conversion


Rexall is the second-largest retail pharmacy company in Canada, with 400 pharmacies across the country and 8,000 employees.


BeWell is the application Rexall uses to engage directly with its customers. The app hosts Rexall’s loyalty program, giving users the ability to track and redeem their points. It also delivers personalized offers and wellness tips based on user activity.  Additionally, the app can be connected to pharmacy services so that users can remotely manage their prescriptions.

The team’s objective for this project was twofold: to drive application installs, and pharmacy profile creations within the app. Rexall aimed to also target high-value users who were more likely to engage with the app’s features, driving additional in-app actions.


When it came to application installs, Rexall faced one significant obstacle: not all users who downloaded the app were candidates for long-term use.

In other words, some people were less likely to open a BeWell account, and therefore, were more likely to delete the app after a short time.