Need to Know

  • UVA Law engaged Northern to migrate their Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9 (then 10) as it neared its technological end-of-life, aiming to refresh the site and enhance user experiences.
  • Northern conducted a thorough technical audit and recommended strategies to improve site speed, unify site-building architecture, empower content editors, and streamline menu navigation.
  • Through a meticulous and collaborative planning and implementation process, Northern successfully migrated the site, resulting in a faster, more streamlined user experience and simplified content management for UVA Law.



The University of Virginia School of Law is America’s second oldest continuously operating law school, offering a world-renowned academic curriculum to future leaders, including lawyers and law professionals. 


With UVA Law’s Drupal 7 site approaching its end-of-life date, the Univerisity team engaged Northern to conduct a technical discovery exercise to review the website and create a strategy to migrate it to Drupal 9.

The team requested a design refresh to not only highlight what sets this prestigious institution apart, but also create better experiences for internal and external users with a unified technology ecosystem.

Driving applications and supporting the application process was a secondary priority, as the school regularly receives over 20 times more applications than there are seats available.



The UVA Law website,, is a key tool for showcasing the prestigious programming and work of students, faculty and alumni. To continue meeting the changing needs of users, the Drupal site was changed and iterated over time, growing to over 24,000 pages and becoming labour-intensive to maintain as a result.

With this in mind, the majority of the redevelopment project goals had a technical focus, centered around creating a more streamlined, simplified experience for editors, website administrators, staff, and students in Drupal 9.