Need to Know

  • Acquia Cloud Edge enhanced the security and protection of sensitive personal data related to workplace injury compensation while increasing the site speed.
  • Acquia Pipelines ensured code consistency during development while increasing the speed of the project's deployment.
  • This complex and time-sensitive project took just eight months to complete.


The WSIB is one of the largest insurance organizations in North America, covering over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across Ontario and serving constituents in two languages, English and French.


The WSIB, charged with a new strategic directive to be more informative and less reactive, meant delivering client support beyond simply helping transact work-related injuries. However, problems with its website had been building for some time. By 2018, many users were frustrated by the slow page load times, broken links, poor navigation, and weak search.

The WSIB needed a new intuitive digital experience, quick-loading pages, and a mobile-first approach while allowing its web team greater control, reducing their reliance on IT support. This project would be monumental as WSIB's online delivery of programs and services simultaneously changed as per its new directive. 

Content migration was critical for a site with as much content as WSIB; substantial time was allocated for content auditing before, during, and after migration. For site users, the focus needed to make sure they can find what they need without assistance, reducing the need for WSIB staff to field phone calls for basic inquiries.