Get Cyber Week Ready With Northern.

In order To prepare your organization to maximize returns this holiday season, your strategic planning needs to start now. Throughout the coming weeks, there are several highly advantageous tactics brands can begin to implement which will not only alleviate resource pressure during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season but will allow your company to focus on what matters most—performance.. To become fully prepared for the season and discover ways to increase revenue, download our 2022 Holiday Planning Webinar.

The team of experts at Northern is here to help guide your organization through this important time of year by offering expert tips and insights on important strategic topics. In this short, but impactful webinar, our team shares information on:

  • 2022 consumer and shopping behaviour
  • How to unlock efficiency and scale with performance creative
  • Methods to leverage new channels and tactics early to drive incremental reach
  • Efficient ways of defining a promotional strategy to increase engagement and retention
  • How to build a holiday roadmap + create a checklist to support end-of-year revenue targets

Ensure that your organization is ready for the holiday shopping season with Northern, download our 2022 Holiday Planning Webinar. We know that it will assist your organization in preparing for this upcoming holiday season.