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LONDON, ON – July 12, 2017 — Northern Commerce, a Canadian leader in the digital industry, has been shortlisted for the North American Google Premier Partner Mobile Innovation Award. The award recognizes outstanding mobile innovation, which Northern achieved with its client Oxford Learning Centres.

Google Premier Partner Awards celebrate innovation, excellence, and leadership in digital marketing across the world. Northern Commerce is one of three Canadian Google Premier Partner Awards agencies shortlisted in North America, and one of five Mobile Innovation Award contenders in North America.

“The Google Premier Partner Awards is the first of it’s kind, and to make it to the top 5 agencies in North America is beyond exciting,” says Corey Dubeau, VP Marketing of Northern Commerce. “We are honoured to be recognized as a leader in Mobile Marketing Innovation. Our team worked hard to create a custom digital marketing solution for Oxford Learning, and I am proud to say that we succeeded.”

With the digital solutions implemented by Northern Commerce, Oxford Learning Centre’s overall conversion rate increased by 79 percent , with call conversion rates alone increasing by 145 percent . By leveraging Google Adwords advertising suite, advanced call tracking solutions, and Oxford’s franchise management system Chainsync, Northern was able to drive invaluable leads for Oxford Learning Centre’s franchises.

“Northern recognized the shift in consumer behaviour in our industry, with an increasing amount of parents browsing on mobile devices. With the help of their team, we were able to successfully integrate mobile marketing technologies that continue to grow Oxford Learning’s customer base, and provide a better online experience for our customers,” says Glenn Whitehead, Vice President of Oxford Learning Centres

More information on the Oxford Learning mobile innovation case study can be found here.


About Northern Commerce

Headquartered in London, Ontario, Northern Commerce is Canada’s fastest-growing full-service eCommerce agency with a proven track record of success in online retail and Omni-Channel Commerce solutions. To date, Northern’s implementations have processed over $1.8 billion in revenue and are used by hundreds of thousands of people every day through retailers, wholesalers and service providers.

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About Oxford Learning Centers

Established in 1984, Oxford Learning has grown to include more than 120 learning centers across Canada. Oxford Learning goes beyond tutoring to help students reach their learning potential, not just for one grade or one year, but for a lifetime. With programs for students from pre-K through to college prep, Oxford Learning focuses on cognitive development to encourage active thinking skills that change how students think and learn.

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Nicole Potter
Marketing Manager, Northern Commerce

Corey Dubeau
VP Marketing, Northern Commerce