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LONDON, ON — June 18, 2020 — Two of London’s most innovative digital agencies, Northern Commerce and Digital Echidna, have established a strategic partnership to scale the global performance of each agency and attract larger enterprise-level clients to London. This ground-breaking partnership is a monumental move which further solidifies London as a technology leader capable of offering an array of sophisticated digital solutions.

Northern Commerce is an industry leader in North America for eCommerce development and digital marketing while Digital Echidna is one of Canada’s leading experts in digital experience design and enterprise content management. Uniting their teams in this strategic partnership allows the agencies to leverage a more comprehensive service offering to larger enterprise clients.

Digital Echidna and Northern Commerce have each forged strong partnerships with internationally recognized industry partners such as Adobe, Salesforce, Acquia, Google, and Facebook. These partnerships and their respective expertise with the platforms have propelled each agency’s success in working with large brands such as Napoleon Grills, Andrew Peller Limited, Rexall, and United Nations. Together, Digital Echidna and Northern Commerce have plans to attract more business to London by pursuing major North American brands and offering existing clients a more comprehensive set of solution capabilities.

“As we continue to grow and target increasingly large, more complex projects, we have found that our clients need to continue to grow as well,” says Michael Delorenzi, President of Northern Commerce. “To stay competitive in today’s agency landscape, we have learned that we must be able to offer a broader spectrum of services while maintaining our commitment to excellence in our specialized area of expertise.”

“We have a strong foundation of shared values and passion for innovation with Northern Commerce. Together, we are uniquely capable of delivering elite-level digital services that will transform the digital landscape,” explained Andrew McClenaghan, owner of Digital Echidna. “This partnership is rich with possibilities and is a testament to London’s talent. Combining our expertise will pioneer a new era of technology in our city with a promise to attract innovative projects for global brands.”

Both agencies have recently been awarded Large Business of the Year by the London Chamber of Commerce at the Business Achievement Awards, which recognizes outstanding businesses in the Forest City. This strategic partnership enables both companies to maximize their resources and unite the performance of their respective teams to achieve greater results. Being two of the larger, faster-growing firms in London’s tech sector that are active in the community, they are thrilled to work together and contribute to the growth of London’s economy.


Nicole Potter
Marketing Manager, Northern Commerce

Andrew McClenaghan
President & CEO, Digital Echidna

About Northern Commerce

Headquartered in London, Ontario, Northern Commerce is a full-service digital agency that specializes in building high performing online retail experiences. Using a data-driven approach, Northern Commerce creates immersive marketing campaigns that guide consumers through their digital purchase journey. Northern Commerce’s implementations have processed billions in revenue and are used by hundreds of thousands of people every day through retailers, wholesalers, and service providers.

About Digital Echidna

Digital Echidna is a web design and digital agency that focuses on developing digital experiences and large-scale websites on the Drupal content management system. It has a strong presence in the educational, health, government and public sector markets.

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