The ever-evolving digital customer experience raises new challenges in the face of omnichannel marketing. Many brands have accelerated digital marketing strategies throughout the pandemic, and while this yielded many positive results, the fallout for many is a fragmented digital strategy. It’s more crucial than ever in this period of digital transformation to consider how each marketing channel can integrate into a coherent customer experience. One emerging opportunity to add to the omnichannel mix is SMS marketing. 

Why Do We Need Another Channel (SMS)?

Consider SMS as an extension of your marketing strategy, as each channel offers value to your brand. SMS marketing leverages zero-party and first-party data, data and insights directly from customers. Harnessing zero-party data is critical in the evolving privacy landscape, given increased third-party data use and collection restrictions. SMS provides an opportunity to prepare your brand for a cookieless world while maintaining a customer-centric marketing strategy.

Here’s why SMS is so powerful:

  • Most convenient communication channel for a user
  • Ability to send personalized messages without third-party data
  • A new channel to strengthen your omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Creates urgency in promotional offers
  • Streamlines transactional communications

What you gain:

Do Customers Want You Texting Them? Yes.

With countless platforms adopting SMS-based transactional notifications, consumers worldwide are opening up to experiencing more direct, personalized communication with brands. Between 2021 and 2022, brands have sent 143% more SMS communications, revealing a 75% year-over-year increase in SMS popularity. Without engaged subscribers, this wouldn’t be possible. It’s time to challenge the conception of SMS marketing as invasive.

Here’s how we know that customers want to hear from you.

SMS Subscribers Opt-in for a Reason

Think of SMS as complementing your email marketing program - those that subscribe to your email list have opted-in for a reason. At the foundation of SMS marketing is zero-party data. Zero-party data is gathered as customers willingly offer personal data in exchange for something they see as valuable. With zero-party data, you create permission-based communications, where a customer can control their communications with the brand. Ultimately, it is up to the brand to create value for its subscribers. With a strong marketing plan, your brand will grow a healthy SMS list of engaged subscribers. 

Your Customers Can Come and Go

Because of the personal nature of SMS marketing, comprehensive consent laws exist to protect customers’ rights. In SMS marketing, double opt-in consent is recommended for all SMS marketing communications. Additionally, a clearly stated opt-out opportunity is required in every message sent. If your customers don’t want to hear from you, they’ll have a chance with every message to opt-out. Fundamentally, your customers have the power to decide how they engage with your brand.

While navigating SMS legislation can seem tricky, platforms often provide guidance on maintaining compliance. Northern has experience managing regulatory compliance in multiple geographic regions. Reach out to Northern for further guidance.

Leveraging SMS Marketing for eCommerce Growth

SMS marketing is an opportunity to fill gaps in your customer journey. Consider building SMS automation to support transactional emails or reinforce promotional urgency or exclusivity. 

Consider Black Friday, when competitors are promoting discounts through every messaging channel. Whether acquiring new customers or nurturing repeat purchases, SMS is a powerful tool for keeping your brand top-of-mind and cutting through oversaturated social and email channels. Ultimately, an SMS campaign can be the extra touchpoint needed to differentiate your brand.

Considering SMS Marketing for Your Brand?

Unlock new potential in your multichannel marketing strategy with SMS. To learn more about the impact of SMS, contact Northern today.