Digging Up New Customers

We partnered with Canada Pooch to reach new customers and grow the brand through automatic placements on Facebook. Here’s how we were able to achieve outstanding results.

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Northern developed a comprehensive strategy with ads that contributed to an impressive 9x increase in store revenue coupled with a 60% lower cost per sale, effectively helping Canada Pooch realize their goals.

The Strategy

Our team developed a plan that could best help Canada Pooch achieve their goals and keep costs down. We used the Facebook pixel to target the potential customers who had the highest likelihood of buying Canada Pooch products and to help measure the sales attributed to this type of marketing.

Based on user behaviours and interests related to the Canada Pooch brand, we displayed the ads to custom and lookalike audiences which in turn allowed us to deliver ads to the target audience with the highest propensity to purchase.

How We Did It

Implemented Facebook pixel with advanced parameters to increase audience accuracy to help reach new customers.

Leveraged automatic ad placements to drive more efficient delivery while also allowing Facebook’s machine learning to serve ads to users who were most likely to purchase.

Worked with the Canada Pooch team to create optimal video experiences that showcase their products effectively on Facebook placements.

Used custom and lookalike audiences with appropriate past customer exclusions to target new customers and introduce them to the brand.

Measured campaign success with additional pixel events added and determined optimization efforts with this actionable data.

Created dynamic remarketing campaigns leveraging the additional pixel events to re-engage website visitors who have already shown high intent through key website actions.

The Results

60% Lower Cost Per Sale under Northern's management.
9x Increase in Store Revenue compared to the previous year.
6.2x Return on Ad Spend from engaging video campaigns.

Facebook Marketing Partner

“Facebook ads have been transformational in growing our direct-to-consumer efforts. Partnering with Northern Commerce to implement the Facebook pixel and manage our digital advertising has enabled us to both accurately measure sales and optimize our advertising efforts to profitably reach millions of pet parents faster than ever anticipated.”

Katelin Porter Director of Marketing, Canada Pooch