Uncork the Performance of Magento 2 in 30 Days

In the spring of 2020, Andrew Peller partnered with Northern Commerce to launch a quick-to-market Magento 2 storefront to meet the surging demand for eCommerce. The remarkable 30-day execution was built on a solid foundation of ready-made features and functionality to create a seamless online shopping experience for Andrew Peller customers.

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They needed to go to market quickly with a reimagined eCommerce experience to maintain the ability to offer customers a way to shop for products after the temporary closure of their brick and mortar locations.

The Strategy

With a thoroughly planned execution strategy, Northern Commerce orchestrated a complete Magento 2 build in just 30 days. Magento’s robust product management capabilities and nimble scalability enabled Northern to develop a quick-to-market solution to take advantage of the fast-growing demand for eCommerce. Following a proven formula of careful planning and timely execution, the Northern Commerce team mapped out the build from discovery through to testing and deployment—ensuring each of Andrew Peller’s requirements were captured along the way.

how we did it

Leveraged Northern’s homegrown Compass theme to expedite Andrew Peller’s ability to go to market using Magento 2.

Unified Oracle and Magento 2 through a custom integration built to capture important order, shipment, and customer data in the Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Optimized for peak search engine performance through extensive keyword research and framework to inform site structure and optimization.

Ensured WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance with additional pixel events added and determined optimization efforts with this actionable data.

Integrated with the commerce protection platform Signifyd to ensure The Wine Shop was safe and secure from online fraud.

The Results

+65x Increase in ecommerce revenue
+170% Growth in organic traffic
+80x Boost of online transactions
+3,500 Total of repeat purchases


The Wine Shop products page shown on a laptop.