the award-winning case study

In 2019, we partnered with West Coast Kids to deliver an integrated purchase journey through Google Shopping campaigns. The results were incredible—earning a Google Premier Partner Award for "Growing Businesses Online." Here's how we delivered these record-breaking results to a leading Canadian retailer.

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Google Premier Partner Award surround by toys
Google Premier Partner Award surround by toys

To position the brand for success, the client was looking to obtain 70% growth year-over-year from their advertising efforts. Northern developed a strategy that delivered 22x returns from advertising, far-surpassing the client's objective.

the strategy

The team at Northern Commerce recognized the opportunity to expand an already winning strategy that could both drive increased revenue at scale while also delivering a consistent Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and building customer sales insight. Using West Coast Kid's catalogue of over 40,000 products, we synced their inventory management system, Aralco, to deliver real-time data to their eCommerce platform, Magento. In doing so, the Northern team could leverage an enriched product data feed to ensure the maximum amount of efficiency when combined with the power of Smart Bidding solutions and advanced Google Shopping campaigns. As a result, this allowed for more aggressive scaling opportunities that could reach new audiences, and build real CRM data on customer and market concentrations.

how we did it

Created an optimized data feed following Google's best practices, including custom labels for data like price range, profit margin, and high average order values.

Synced West Coast Kids inventory management system, Aralco, with their eCommerce platform, Magento, to deliver an enriched real-time data feed.

Leveraged advanced campaign bidding solutions backed by Google's machine learning capabilities to drive increased efficiency at scale.

Analyzed CRM Data to identify potential market opportunities for retail expansion.

Utilized Google Smart Shopping Campaigns (instead of standard Shopping campaigns) to help reach new audiences and expanded placements while also leveraging more optimal bidding capabilities.

the results

190% $1M increase in revenue from Google shopping ads year-over-year
1 new retail location with 15 employees
22x return on ad spend Using Google Smart Shopping campaigns

Google Premier Partner Award

Google Premier Partner Award and Toys

"Partnering with Northern has been a great experience. The team's knowledge of executing an effective digital advertising strategy has allowed us to grow our online presence and reach more customers than ever before. With Northern, we know the goals of our business and needs of our customers are understood, and that the team has what it takes to meet them."

Stephen Price Director of Ecommerce