Award-Winning Accessibility Support

Connect with our team to discuss how we can help maximize your site’s usability for all.

  • Speak directly with a subject matter expert who specializes in delivering accessible digital solutions.
  • Discuss your current strategy and explore how our solutions can help you achieve your objectives, whether you're looking to improve your accessibility standards, increase your website’s usability, or resolve a specific accessibility-related issue.

Services We Offer:

Accessibility Audits, Reporting, & Planning

Northern’s discovery process allows us to get a better understanding of where you are on your digital accessibility journey. We’ll perform in-depth assessments of your website and marketing assets in order to make recommendations that drive performance based on accessible best practices.

  • Accessibility Auditing
  • WCAG Compliance Reporting
  • Project Feature & Sitemap Planning
  • Content Auditing
  • Compliance Strategy
User Testing & Validation

Our moderated accessibility testing allows us to determine how well users can navigate through your website. We’ll work with adaptive technology users and people with accessibility needs (including linguistic, cognitive, and mobility) to ensure that your site is functional and intuitive for every user.

  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Moderated User Testing
  • A/B Testing
Inclusive Language & Design

The fundamentals of accessible design directly overlap with best practices in SEO and responsive development. By building your site with accessibility in mind, you're going to reach more people — whether or not they require adaptive technologies

Our team identifies and makes recommendations to resolve technical, on-page, and off-page issues that could be impacting desktop and mobile user experiences, without compromising your business identity.

  • Plain Language Copywriting
  • Alt Text and Description Updates
  • WCAG Design Recommendations
  • Accessible Ad Design

Accessibility Resources

Woman on tablet looking at online shopping surrounded by accessibility icons
The Potential Cost to Business of Ignoring Accessibility

From conversion opportunities lost to negative impacts on your business’ reputation to the potential of fines, ignoring accessibility for your e-commerce website can result in real costs to your business.

A person wearing heaphones looking at a laptop screen
Accessibility Reports: Context, Quality, Cadence, and Value

Is my site accessible? And how can I prove it?

These are the questions that a vast majority of our clients pose when it comes to WCAG compliance – whether that’s due to an internal desire to increase accessibility of content, or a need to align to legislative requirements.

Beyond Disabilities: The Business Opportunities of Web Accessibility.
Beyond Disabilities: The Business Opportunities of Web Accessibility

If you could do something that would, almost immediately, expose your content, products, and/or services to more people, make it easier for people to search for you, and, ultimately, make it easier for people to complete a transaction, wouldn’t you do it?

Illustration of woman at desktop.
Unlock New Business Opportunities with Digital Accessibility

Watch Jay Ménard, Director User Experience and Research and Fran Wyllie, Technical Lead and IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Specialist discuss how an investment in digital accessibility leads to tangible business opportunities.