How Northern delivers value for Retail.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the retail industry, offering a range of services designed to keep you ahead in the rapidly changing eCommerce landscape by enhancing your online presence, streamlining your operations, and increasing your customer engagement.

Northern has a track record of success in improving retailer performance. We create seamless omnichannel shopping experiences designed to resonate with retail audiences and nurture relationships using data-driven insights and customer-centric perspectives. Combining cutting-edge technologies with innovative eCommerce and digital marketing strategies, we build holistic solutions tailored to our clients’ unique requirements to enhance their security and scalability while driving customer loyalty.

Customized Retail Solutions

As certified partners with all major eCommerce platforms, we’ll work with you to create differentiated retail experiences that help you stand out from your competition while giving you the flexibility to scale as your business evolves. 

From building tailored retail websites to launching new features or custom integrations to better manage your customer relationships, our team of certified developers will partner with you to deliver right-sized, secure digital solutions that drive better user experiences.

Optimized Technology Ecosystem

We deeply understand the intricacies of the entire retail technology ecosystem, and how each component — your POS, ERP, WMS, and Order Management solution — must work seamlessly together with your eCommerce platform for positive end-to-end customer experiences that drive loyalty, retention, and growth.

No matter what your technical challenge is, our team has the capabilities and expertise to help you achieve your omnichannel retail goals.

Goal-Focused Retail Strategy

We deeply understand the retail industry — how it’s evolving, the infrastructure needed to support eCommerce, the increasing demands of retail seasonality, and the promotional channels that are critical for retail growth and success.

Our team will work collaboratively with yours to understand your business strategy, operational challenges, and objectives. We’ll prioritize the technical, channel, and promotional recommendations that will help you achieve your revenue targets and short and long-term business goals.

Marketing Solutions that Drive Sales

Maximize your omnichannel success with tailored digital marketing strategies and solutions. We’ll use our eCommerce expertise and suite of in-house solutions to help you reach and engage your target audience across the customer journey.

Whether you want to build a more seamless omnichannel customer experience, drive conversion-ready traffic from advertising, increase sales from email promotions, or boost site visits with SEO, we’ll design a customized marketing approach designed to acquire customers and build their long-term loyalty.

Data-Driven Performance

We believe that data is the key to unlocking eCommerce success.

Our team will access data from across your systems and translate it into valuable insights that act as the foundation for more impactful, personalized digital experiences that captivate shoppers, grow revenue, and drive loyalty.

We’ll use this information to learn more about how customers navigate your site, refining your user journey and removing any obstacles that could be preventing conversions. 

Shopper-Focused Perspective

With hundreds of successful projects and years of expertise in the retail space, our recommendations are rooted in our understanding of retail audiences — their needs, expectations, and the types of experiences that build their loyalty.

We regularly navigate the intricacies of consumer life cycles, cultivating repeat purchases, building loyalty, and optimizing Average Order Value for our clients. This holistic understanding allows us to craft tailored experiences that will resonate with your audience at every touchpoint.

Retail Case Studies

AlgaeCal mobile preview.
AlgaeCal, Multiplatform Integration using BigCommerce

Strengthening AlgaeCal's digital experience, Northern built a new BigCommerce storefront with multiplatform integrations between Headless BigCommerce, Salesforce, Maropost, Ordergroove and PCI Pal. As well as a custom Symfony middleware to handle a myriad of shipping integrations.

AlgaeCal's team now has complete visibility into the entire customer experience, enabling them to service orders, create and update subscriptions, and securely order on behalf of their customers.

Chatters email rendering.
Chatters, Rapid Migration to Klaviyo

Within a two-week warming period, Chatters gained powerful new email and SMS functionality through Northern's rapid migration of their email service provider (ESP) from Emarsys to Klaviyo.

5 email automation workflows were migrated to Klaviyo, SMS shortcode was successfully integrated, and the account was scaled to full send volume in just 2 weeks.

baby crawling and a phone mockup showing a product detail page for a crib
West Coast Kids, An Authentic Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Northern helped West Coast Kids to create an omnichannel shopping experience and marketing strategy that delivered a 22x return on ad spend. 

To achieve this, inventory management was synced to the eCommerce platform, delivering real-time product data, and an enriched product data feeds combined with Smart Bidding solutions were leveraged to reach a 190% increase in revenue year over year.