Over a decade of experience in the food & beverage space.

Our food & beverage industry solutions.

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Product Strategy

From startups to multi-channel brands, Northern supports its clients in developing comprehensive product strategies.  When launching new products, we support brands in ensuring their offerings are conducive to direct-to-consumer sales and are margin-safe considering costs to ship and fulfill.

  • Go-to Market Strategy
  • Product Development
  • New Product Launches
  • Promotional Strategy

Customer Acquisition

Working in the Food & Beverage industry for a number of years across a variety of clients has enabled Northern has to create accurate growth models to forecast profitable acquisition strategies across sales and marketing channels.

Ad Management & Optimization
Email Marketing & SMS Strategy

Customer Retention & Growth

Consumer Packaged Goods provide plenty of opportunity for repeat purchases — but they rely on positive customers experiences. We enable brands turn transactional relationships into strong customer relationships through a variety of retention-focused tactics and a holistic loyalty strategy.  

eCommerce & Integrations

From eCommerce storefronts to custom integrations, our team of certified developers allows your brand to scale while we handle the complexity.

Marketplace & Logistics Integrations

Build Winning eCommerce Strategies for Seasonal Success

Leading eCommerce retailers are already planning and implementing strategies for this year's seasonal success. 
Find out how you can build a winning eCommerce strategy and achieve your goals all year long in our four-part eBook series.

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Food & Beverage Case Studies

shipment box on a customers doorstep
Pulp & Press End-to-End Organics

As a startup, Pulp & Press relies on its partnership with Northern, from creating its brand, designing its bottles and labels to developing its fully integrated eCommerce, logistics, and fulfillment platform.

  • 2x Annual Wholesale Growth
  • 2x Annual D2C Growth
  • 1000s End-to-End Organic Deliveries
Collective Arts beer can with logo
Collective Arts Brewing, Personalization with Klaviyo

Northern brewed up a results-driven, integrated email marketing strategy for Collective Arts Brewing.

  • Strong customer retention
  • Advanced segmentation
  • IP geolocation targeting