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Retail Strategy & Consulting

Led by our team of experienced Solutions Consultants, Northern is able to support organizations though the unique constraints and challenges facing the rapidly changing retail industry, both digitally and through brick & mortar channels.

  • Technical Discovery & Strategic Consulting
  • Procurement & Vendor Evaluation
  • Product Merchandising Support
  • Vendor Campaign Management

Retail Commerce Technology

With an in-house team of developers, certified across premier commerce platforms and tools, we have been able to integrate any number of business systems enabling scaled solutions and revenue growth or eliminating redundancies for cost reduction.


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Ad Management & Optimization

Retail Marketing Services

Northern has a track record of success with acquiring customers and nurturing them into high-value, brand advocates, earning two Google Premier Partner awards in this vertical.


Build Winning eCommerce Strategies for Seasonal Success

Leading eCommerce retailers are already planning and implementing strategies for this year's seasonal success. 
Find out how you can build a winning eCommerce strategy and achieve your goals all year long in our four-part eBook series.

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OmniChannel Retail Case Studies



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A Blow Out Black Friday With Chatters’ Rapid Migration to Klaviyo

Within a two week warming period, Chatters gained powerful new email and SMS functionality through Northern’s rapid migration of their email service provider (ESP) from Emarsys to Klaviyo.

  • Five email automation workflows migrated to Klaviyo.
  • SMS shortcode successfully integrated.
  • Scaled account to full send volume in 2 weeks.


woman drinking wine leaning on a counter
Andrew Peller, The Wine Shop Reboot

Andrew Peller re-platformed The Wine Shop, upgrading its commerce experience, circumventing lost brick-and-mortar sales.

  • 65x Increase in eCommerce Revenue
  • 170% Growth in Organic Traffic
  • 80x Boost of Online Transactions