Need to Know

  • The Coronavirus drove 3 in 10 Canadian consumers to shop online for items traditionally purchased from brick-and-mortar stores.
  • The Wine Shop's eCommerce website lacked the commerce experience that shoppers grew to expect from top-tier brands.
  • Northern helped The Wine Shop quickly upgrade its eCommerce website to capitalize on the fast-growing market shift.

The Brief

In the spring of 2020, Andrew Peller partnered with Northern Commerce to launch a quick-to-market Magento 2 eCommerce website to meet the surging demand for online shopping. Northern compressed its time-to-launch by utilizing its custom pre-built Magento features and functionality foundation, resulting in a fast and seamless online shopping experience for Andrew Peller customers.

The Client

Andrew Peller Limited is one of the most recognizable names in the wine, beer, and spirit industry. It offers an award-winning product lineup from multiple winery and brewery locations across Canada and its eCommerce website, The Wine Shop.

The Wine Shop offers several award-winning products from Andrew Peller’s various brands, such as Wayne Gretzky Estates, Peller Family Vineyards, No Boats On Sunday, and XOXO. The retailer partnered with Northern Commerce to create an “endless aisle” online for customers to explore its multi-brand and orchestrate an omnichannel experience spanning all of its different products.

The Challenge

With a surge of online shoppers turning to eCommerce due to COVID-19, Andrew Peller urgently needed a high-performing digital storefront. Coronavirus has driven 3 in 10 Canadian consumers to shop online for items they would traditionally have purchased from a brick-and-mortar store, previously Andrew Peller’s primary source of retail sales.

Although they had an existing digital commerce website, it wasn't responsive or optimized for search, which restricted discoverability and created a frustrating navigational journey. Delivering a superior eCommerce experience became paramount to succeeding, following the sudden shift in consumer behaviour.

The Strategy

Northern Commerce orchestrated a complete Magento 2 build in 30 days, allowing The Wine Shop to capitalize on the fast-growing demand for eCommerce. Following a proven formula of careful planning and timely execution, the Northern team mapped out the build from discovery to testing and deployment. Magento's robust product management capabilities and nimble scalability combined with Northern's custom pre-built eCommerce solution helped develop this quick-to-market solution.