Salesforce Commerce & Marketing Cloud Services

Create immersive customer experiences and harness powerful audience insights using Salesforce.

Why Should Retailers Use Salesforce?

Salesforce supports thousands of brands with customer relationship management, service, sales, and marketing technology. The Salesforce platform allows brands to sell more and reach a wider audience using innovative solutions like Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud enables brands to seamlessly create omnichannel experiences, from digital storefronts to order management, using one unified eCommerce platform. Using Commerce Cloud, retailers are empowered with tools to orchestrate a shopping experience for customers across mobile, web, and social.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud opens up a world of possibilities for brands to create a complete customer journey and conversion-focused marketing campaigns. The Marketing Cloud platform helps retailers deliver targeted and timely messaging to existing and potential customers spanning social media, email, in-app, and web.

On Average, Merchants Using Salesforce Experience:

35% Higher customer satisfaction
25% Increased revenue
25% Greater Marketing ROI
34% Increase in team productivity

Salesforce offers a Business Value Calculator (Opens in a new window) to help determine the potential impact of cost and time-savings earned by using the platform. The team at Northern Commerce will work with retailers to make this potential your reality.

Northern Commerce Is Your Salesforce Partner

Our team has developed the expertise to create compelling shopping experiences with a proven track record of increasing revenue and extending the lifetime value of customers for global brands. We’re a leading full-service digital agency and Salesforce Partner.

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Salesforce helps brands connect with their customers and drive better performance.