Social Advertising
Delivering Results

We use our experience planning, creating, and executing successful Facebook and Instagram campaigns to achieve impressive results for businesses.

Connect with potential customers across social feeds. Our Facebook and Instagram eCommerce advertising services use powerful targeting options so you’re able reach your audience and drive conversion-ready traffic to your store.

Our team executes social advertising campaigns that help your business connect and engage with customers across the buying cycle—whether they’re potential customers, first-time purchasers, or loyal brand fans.

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Facebook & Instagram
Advertising Services

Instagram Stories

Our story ads build your brand’s customer base with engaging, creative campaigns. We use a combination of data and creativity to create engaging story ads that target the right people to drive customer acquisition and revenue in under fifteen seconds.

Dynamic Product Ads

Whether it’s a thousand products or hundreds of thousands of products, we build dynamic ad campaigns that scale with your product feeds. Using real-time data feeds and advanced audience segmentation, we help businesses reach more potential customers and encourage action.

Prospecting at Scale

Our team combines experience, creativity, and data to achieve real growth for the bottom line of your business. Focusing on the customers that will drive business growth and profit, we execute targeted, engaging campaigns that reach millions of people at scale.

Remarketing Services

Using data-driven tactics and industry tools, we create strategic social ad campaigns that use a combination of audience segmentation and targeted ad copy to encourage past visitors of your site to come back to make a purchase.

Dynamic Remarketing

Turn searchers into customers with ads of products users viewed on your website, but did not purchase. Our highly targeted campaigns help make sure you stay at the top of customers’ minds so you can make the sale when they are ready to buy.

Facebook Social

Connect with existing and future customers on Facebook and Instagram with advanced targeting and engaging ad campaigns. With ongoing tracking, testing, and optimizing, our team executes successful campaigns that deliver sales and impressive ROI for your business.

Case Studies

At Northern, we use a combination of technical knowledge and creativity to create engaging and impactful social ad campaigns that acheive results for your business.

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Case Study

Meeting CPA targets while scaling media spend by over 200%.

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Case Study

Creating new markets through facebook advertising at scale.

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Case Study

300% increase in Facebook sales while lowering the CPA by over 15%.

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